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Tips for a Day on Batuu

May the 4th be With You

  1. Tips for a Day on Batuu

    Landing on Batuu

    You have arrived and now it’s time to get to know the residents of Batuu. According to Kamini, you don’t want to miss a chance to interact with the local Batuuans.

    “When in Batuu, do as the Batuuans do. To immerse yourself in Batuuan culture, learn a few words of Batuuese before you arrive! Greet with ‘bright suns’ to say, ‘good morning’ and ‘rising suns’ to wish ‘good evening.’ You may hear someone say, ‘Til the Spires!’ which means farewell. Have your phone handy to capture a fun video of a Jedi in your party speaking Batuuese with a local!” 

    After greeting the residents of Batuu, you and your guests are going to love exploring all there is to do. One important suggestion from Adrianna is to head over to Black Spire Outpost!
    “Swing by the Creature Stall in the Marketplace and ask for a copy of Bina's Guide to the Creatures of Batuu. Set off on a scavenger hunt through Batuu where you can collect stamps as you explore and research the creatures that live on this unique planet. When you've completed the hunt, return to the Creature Stall to collect a special token!”

    As you travel through the land, Crystal also recommends being on the lookout for droids you might recognize from Star Wars movies and shows.

    “One of my family's favorite things to do as we are traveling through Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is to find droids from our favorite Star Wars shows and movies throughout Batuu. While everyone's favorite Astromech droid (R2-D2) and Protocol droid (C3PO) can be easy to find during your journey, our favorites that we've spotted have been an IG-series droid, an MSE droid, and an Imperial Probe Droid (that has seen better days!). Plus, don't forget to look down for droid tracks throughout Batuu!”

    Food and Beverage 

    While explorers will find attractions, droids and even perhaps a Wookie walking around, the panelists want to make sure you don’t miss any of the fantastic food or beverage options. Carrie agrees with the locals, don’t miss a trip to the most popular cantina!

    “Oga's Cantina is quite the popular watering hole for weary travelers and bounty hunters alike. The drinks are the best around and DJ R-3X provides the best galactic beats. If the force is not on your side trying to snag an advanced dining reservation, do not fear! Once you've landed in Batuu, swing by the vicinity of Oga's Cantina and try to join the mobile walk-up list that is available throughout the day as space allows.” 

    And while there, Lola recommends checking out the DJ at Oga’s, Rex! Yes, Rex was the not-so decorated starspeeder pilot R-3X from the original Star Tours and he has made a new home at Oga’s. 

    “At Oga’s you can dance along to Rex's party tunes while enjoying a delicious drink -- I recommend the Yub Nub for the adults and the Blue Bantha for the kiddos (and the kids at heart).”

    And according to Ana Paula, you can’t leave Batuu without trying a Ronto Wrap.

    planDisney Pro Tip: Ronto Wraps are the perfect meal to eat while walking around and taking in all the sights and sounds of Batuu. 

    Vegetarian in your party or just someone who loves hummus; then Doug says you can’t miss Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. It is one of his favorite treats and he recommends it as a great sharable item for a family to enjoy together when they need to take a break from fighting the First Order.
    And a final food tip from Eean … Life is full of tough choices, so when in doubt, try the blue and the green milk from Batuu's Milk Stand. Both of these exotic galactic beverages have their loyal fans, but I'm on Team Blue Milk all the way! 

    The Extras on Batuu

    That is right there is still so much more to do on Batuu! And Kristin C. has got some great tips for making the most of your stay.

    “One of my favorite things about visiting Batuu is becoming part of the immersive experiences in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. From building custom astromech droids, to piloting the Millennium Falcon, to joining the Resistance on a secret mission, there's truly something for everyone. But perhaps my favorite memory from my galactic travels was from watching my son construct his very own lightsaber at Savi's Workshop -- Handbuilt Lightsabers. As soon as you step foot inside the covert workshop, you'll feel the power of the Force! I've never experienced something as unique and personalized as this amazing opportunity on Batuu.”

    And don’t forget the photographs! According to Jennifer, did you even visit the planet of Batuu if you don’t have photographic evidence? 

    “Disney PhotoPass photographers are located throughout Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, ready to document your epic adventures. Be sure to ask your photographer what Magic Shots are available; they may be able to capture X-wings in the sky or a quiet moment with Grogu.” 

    A day on Batuu can be an out of this world experience and as you can see there is so much to do! For more great tips and advice on visiting Batuu, be sure to ask your questions at for a personalized answer. Enjoy the 4th and May the Force Be with You!

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