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Thrill-Seeker Itinerary


  1. Must Try Thrill Seekers Itinerary

    All aboard for one thrill seeking Walt Disney World Resort itinerary! This day will include turns, twists and pure excitement. Ready for the challenge? Let’s go!

    We will begin the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where we can experience not one, but two thrill-seeker attractions. First up, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Crank up the music and countdown with Steven Tyler and the gang for one, wild, stretch limo ride to the show!

    Guests will enjoy hanging out in the queue where everyone dreams on to see if their names appear on one of the 'magical' gig posters. Guests can then walk this way into the G-Force music studio where the band orders a super-stretch limo for the ride! And buckle up because your stretch limo will launch from 0-60 in less than three seconds flat. Don't close your eyes, because you seriously won't want to miss a thing on this epic journey! 

    planDisney tip: To dial up the thrill factor on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, tell a Cast Member you'd like to wait for a seat in the front row. You'll have a clear view of the initial take off!

    Once you exit the attraction just keep on walking until you reach the next dimension of thrill seeker attractions … The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Our panelists love this attraction for many reasons, but especially because every ride is different! That’s right, there are different drop sequences and it's completely random, so Guests are always surprised when the full drop happens.

    planDisney tip: Keep an eye out on the elevator scenes because these could be different. The elevator could show you a lightening sequence, a blue ghost, or the original elevator guests! Guests with a keen sense of observation may spot the little girl featured in pre-film, and again in the elevator scene notice she is carrying a Mickey Mouse doll.  
    After returning from your trip to another dimension, browse Tower Hotel Gifts, home to some of the most interesting and unique merchandise in all of Walt Disney World. You might want to take home a token to remind you of your chilling stay and visit to the Twilight Zone. 

    Alright, on to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park we go for we must find the Yeti! Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is sure to be a favorite for all thrill-seeker Guests! And while the weather may be warm in Florida, the Anandapur Mountaineering Association recommends proper clothing including for this expedition including a warm hat, skin protection, glacier glasses, and a zero-rated sleeping bag! This attraction will take you forwards, backwards, and in the dark, but that’s all we have to say about that as we do not want to ruin any surprises! And whatever you do, keep your eyes open for that Yeti!

    planDisney fun fact: Did you know that the train cars on Expedition Everest are property of the Royal Anandapur Tea Company? The tea company used these trains to ship tea through the Forbidden Mountain before their expeditions closed due to...mysterious forces. I highly recommend that Everest fans stop by the Royal Anandapur Tea Company kiosk to enjoy a fantastic tea selection (along with coffee and pastries) and to feel immersed in this attraction's story.

    Our itinerary moves on from one train to another, but this one is located at Magic Kingdom Park. Yes folks, it’s time for the wildest ride in the wilderness on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

    This is a fast roller coaster-type attraction that kids and adults will love! Enjoy the ride as your train races through a haunted gold mine with bumps and twists as exciting as the wild west! Mountain goats and geysers can be spotted along this ride so stay alert!

    planDisney fun fact: Each of the trains has a different name on the front of it. There are six clever names: I.M. Fearless, I.M. Brave, I.B. Hearty, U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring, U.R. Courageous. Check out the name of your train as it pulls into the station.

    What a THRILLING day we have had! For more great tips and suggestions for building your own Walt Disney World Resort itinerary, follow along on Instagram (@planDisneypanel) or Twitter (@plandisney), and be sure to visit to get personalized answers to all your Disney vacation planning questions!

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